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Run by the students of The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, we entertain and inform our listeners with a diverse range of music, insight, humour and honest opinion.

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There’s No “Right” Way to Write a Song

I am constantly writing songs to try help me navigate the web of thoughts in my head. Sometimes I feel like a helpless fly stuck in the web begging to be rescued, other times I feel like an agile spid...

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Song of the week?

 Ed Sheeran, Remember the Name. Featuring Eminem and...50 Cent?! My little heart is leaping with joy hearing this song. Honestly just seeing these two were in the song made me squeal like a littl...

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Song of the Week:

Africa - where drums echo, wild dogs cry out in the night and it’s going to take a lot to drag me away from you. Toto first released their massive worldwide hit in 1982 with their album “T...

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Tony Draper philosophizes about being a broadcaster.

The Hipster Life

Mirelle Mokhtar shares some tips on how to be a real hipster.

Top 5 West Coast Hip Hop Albums

Alex Bodin outlines his top 5 albums from the West Coast that will get you into Hip Hop.