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Run by the students of The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, we entertain and inform our listeners with a diverse range of music, insight, humour and honest opinion.

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3 Weird things I do, and why I'll Probably never stop doing Them!

3 Weird things I do, and why I'll Probably never stop doing Them!By Karishma Chera1.) Having full on conversations with myself!   In the middle of a class or a day at work. I'll just...

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Date Night Review: Aurora Winter Festival

(Entrance to the Aurora Festival) The older I get, the more I learn that I am not a fan of most holidays. I'm not a super huge fan of big parties and flashy nights out like New Year's Eve...

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Vancouver's Inaugural Podcast Festival Goes Beyond True Crime

 (All set up for recording at the Vancouver Public Library) I have to be honest with you. I'm not a fan of true crime podcasting. Other than the hit true crime parody series, This Sounds...

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Broadcaster Broadcasting

Tony Draper philosophizes about being a broadcaster.

The Hipster Life

Mirelle Mokhtar shares some tips on how to be a real hipster.

Top 5 West Coast Hip Hop Albums

Alex Bodin outlines his top 5 albums from the West Coast that will get you into Hip Hop.