VanArts Radio

The Hosts

Alex Bodin

Alex loves lacrosse, “the fastest game on two feet”. When he’s not putting it all out on the field, he’s studying hip hop music and culture, which he loves just about as much as sport. When he doesn’t have anything else to do he studies broadcasting -- with an eye toward being an epic podcaster.

Mirelle Mokhtar

Mirelle is most passionate about music and mountains. You’ll often find her amongst tall trees with a backpack on her shoulders and fresh dirt under her fingernails. Mirelle hikes by day, makes music by night, and listens to and talks on the radio in between. Since the age of 9, she knew she wanted to be a radio host.


Anmol is from India. She loves broadcasting in Canada. Vivacious all the time. Always up for what is right over what is easy.

Indrajit Muralidharan

Super Power: Smoldering Intensity. Indra is an aspiring broadcaster, but he is also suspected to turn into a werewolf on Thursdays.


Tony’s aspirations include: Being on the radio, voice-acting, streaming, and sleeping more than 6 hours a night. If you find him talking to himself, please redirect him to the voice-over booth where his myriad of characters will be put to good use.


No one is sure where Chris came from, he was never actually accepted he just kind of showed up and didn’t leave. He hopes to have his own morning radio show someday.