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Run by the students of The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, we entertain and inform our listeners with a diverse range of music, insight, humour and honest opinion.

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Vancouver Traffic

Vancouver TrafficIs this bus strike getting in your way? Well let me tell you this traffic is! I live in East Vancouver and drive to downtown, not the heart of downtown but close enough. My commu...

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The Muffs Kim Shattuck, 56 passed away

The Lead Singer of the rock band The Muffs, Kim Shattuck, passed away October 2nd. Shattuck had been privately struggling for 2 years with ALS, a motor neuron disease. People living with ALS will e...

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A Glimpse into the Mentally Ill : Joker Movie Analysis & Review

The Joker has been one of the most debated and discussed characters in comic history. There have been multiple origins of the Joker and his true identity has always been a mystery. ever since the char...

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Broadcaster Broadcasting

Tony Draper philosophizes about being a broadcaster.

The Hipster Life

Mirelle Mokhtar shares some tips on how to be a real hipster.

Top 5 West Coast Hip Hop Albums

Alex Bodin outlines his top 5 albums from the West Coast that will get you into Hip Hop.