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Vancouver Traffic

Nov 15 by Meriahza Khan

Vancouver Traffic

Is this bus strike getting in your way? Well let me tell you this traffic is!

 I live in East Vancouver and drive to downtown, not the heart of downtown but close enough. My commute to work is usually 20 mins or 25 mins tops….. Today it took me 45 mins! I couldn’t believe it. I noticed when it rains in Vancouver, it's like everyone forgets how to drive. What's up with that! People get scared and brake like crazy, break stop break stop.

Also there is no courtesy on the road when someone is signaling to get in just let the person in! It makes no sense to not let them in; one car won’t make a difference in your life ... will it? My biggest pet peeve when people are rushing in rush hour, and drivers think it's okay to cut you off and slam their brakes. If you know you are running late on the road, leave earlier to give you time to drive properly rather than speeding and cutting people off like a maniac, which can cause accidents. So what’s the cause of all this traffic? Is it the weather change? People driving instead of taking transit? Or is it due to the bus strike? Any thoughts.

Meriahza Khan