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Three Indian Restaurants You Have To Visit

Jan 11 by Chanpreet Kaur Purewal

Who doesn’t love to try new foods?

Indian food is out of this world! All of those spices in your mouth all at once. But where do you go? Well I’ve got just the right places for you. But be warned, the restaurants are understandably popular so the wait times can get very long.

Jagga Sweets - Home of Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

As you can already tell by the name, it's a fully vegetarian Indian menu. All you vegetarians have a variety of options!

The decor takes it back 100 years to the beautiful Folk Rangla Punjab, with Punjabi music playing in the background! Friendly and professional staff makes it seem like the wait time for food isn’t bad at all.

Apna Chaat House

Street food is delicious - I think we all can agree on that? So you're not in the mood for fully Indian traditional food, but somewhat traditional? Well you’re in luck.

Apna Chaat House offers traditional Indian street food.

Inside you’ll find a street ambiance where some food is served standing up. They have a wide choice of dishes mainly vegetarian options. As it may tend to get busy you better seat yourself right when you get in. If you want to get a full feel of street food may I suggest getting the gol gappay, served standing up.

Tasty Indian Bistro

In the mood for a bit of a modern taste? You’ve come to the right place. This restaurant offers a modern vibe with authentic Indian food and fast service.

The food will make you think of India for sure! “Tasties” is not a typical Indian setting it’s tastefully decorated like their food. Although you won’t be able to make reservations for small groups, that just tells you you better leave the house fast!

All three of these restaurant’s have their own unique taste whether it be the old Punjab, traditional street food or a modern vibe. They’re all worth giving a visit and trying out the dishes for yourself.

We’d love to hear your experience! Tell us what your favourite dishes were on Twitter @vanartsradio. Have you tried the Masala Mojito yet or the Masala Cha? At Jagga Sweets.