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Beat The Heat

Aug 10 by Indra

Vancouver is experiencing some of the hottest climate ever on record.  Last month, more than two dozen high temperature records were broken.

It's not just Vancouver. People all around the world try to come up with ways to beat the heat every year.

Babe Ruth the baseball player figured out a unique way to beat the heat back in the 20s. When he was playing ball, Babe introduced his teammates to an unusual technique for keeping cool: he pried the leaves off of a head of cabbage and spread them over the ice in a cooler. When they were chilled, he would place a leaf under his cap. That would give him much-needed relief from the heat for a few innings .The Babe was said to require two leaves per game.

While I don't put cabbage leaves on my head, I do try to stay hydrated as much as possible. I come from a tropical country where it can be very hot a lot of the time. In India we experience temperatures of 33 to 40 degrees Celsius almost every day of the year . So I'm used to experiencing hot climate, but I didn't expect that Vancouver would be this hot and cruel in the summer time .

Here are a few ways for you to beat the heat this summer:

# 1 Dress For the Heat

Wear a wide-brimmed hat; lightweight, long-sleeved clothing; and sunscreen.

#2 Take It Easy

Avoid strenuous activity and exercise, particularly if you have a respiratory or cardiac condition or diabetes.

#3 Stay Hydrated

This is an obvious one, but it’s probably the most important.

The heat wave can easily make dehydrate you if you're not drinking enough fluids. Fill up your water bottles before you head out. Four temporary water fountains are set up in addition to others across the city.

#4 Moderate Your Alcohol Consumption

The effects of hot weather are exacerbated by alcohol; drink responsibly.

#5 Go To Places That Will Keep You Cool 

When it’s too hot outside, some public places will offer you a chance to cool-down. Local community centres, pools, and libraries usually have air-conditioned areas open to the public.

Don't stress too much about it. There is nothing you can do to change the weather. Just do your best to adapt. Remember that if you start seeing a dancing monkey wearing a funny hat, it means you're hallucinating from the heat.

Drink plenty of fluids and try these top five ways to beat the heat.