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Song of The Week - February 22nd/2019

Feb 22 by Jordyn Bishop

Song of the week is Juice by Lizzo! This song was released at the start of this year and I can't tell you how much all of us at the station are feeling it! This song has an awesome 80’s funk to it, drawing in people of all tastes. But that's not the only hit by Lizzo! From what I've seen of Lizzo so far I can already tell she's going to be big and loved by many! Her tunes are catchy and her lyrics are pretty great too! Another song we have been talking ‘bout is her tune “Cuz I Love You”. Which I gotta admit, this genre isn't my typical cup of tea but man does Lizzo absolutely intrigue me! Her voice is astounding, and has kind of stolen my itty bitty heart. Now get on whatever music app you got whether it be spotify or apple music or something else I dont know about...and give her a little listen.