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3 Story books you read as a child- That you need to read again as an adult!

Oct 05 by Karishma Chera

Just because a book is in the children's section of a book store that does not mean it’s only for kids! Next time you’re at the local Chapters cuddle up on a beanbag and grab one of these books. I’m sure you will appreciate the beautiful illustrations!


1.) This book is my favorite! It’s about a young boy who is referred to as "You" throughout the book, so it’s super relatable. It is written in second person point of view and future tense. The story takes you through life, explaining and demonstrating the challenges, hard times, and the incredible joys of life! Personally I keep a copy by my bedside for a boost inspiration on tricky days. This was the last book Dr. Seuss published!


This book is a emotional experience. You may cry! It is a very sweet book about a Mother's love for her Son throughout the different stages of his life. She sings him a poem every night until one night her Son sings it to her instead. The Son then passes on this tradition to his child when he becomes a Father. I put this book on the list because it breaks gender bias. The assumption that women are more nurturing and affectionate than men. When the Son's Mother passes on, the roles reverse and the Father loves and nurtures his baby the same way his Mom did. It teaches children (and adults!) that gender does not affect your ability to love and be affectionate. This is very important to me because i was raised by only my Father!

3.) If you’re looking to laugh and twist your tongue in knots, read this! This book teaches you its fun to have fun! From a "Yink that likes to drink pink ink" to" yellow pets called zeds" this book is a delight to read out loud and the pictures are super silly. Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. Everyday, from here to there. Funny things are everywhere."  -Dr. Seuss.