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3 Weird things I do, and why I'll Probably never stop doing Them!

Nov 30 by Karishma Chera

3 Weird things I do, and why I'll Probably never stop doing Them!
By Karishma Chera

1.) Having full on conversations with myself!


 In the middle of a class or a day at work. I'll just start speaking  to myself as if another person was there. I'm sure a lot of people do this, but when I do it my mouth moves and I make facial expressions!  I'm so used to hearing. " Who are you talking to ?" Or "What did you say , i couldn't hear you ?"

Talking to myself helps me cope and reason through what I'm dealing with in my life. For example if I have to have a conversation with someone in the near future, ill have a conversation with myself pretending I'm talking to that person. It almost helps me prepare to talk to them. Almost like a practice! Ill have conversations that end with a smile, rejection or anger. So that I'm prepared to deal with what ever happens.

2.) Washing my hair only once a week! 

Shower caps are my best friend. My hair is quite dry. So washing them more often strips the natural oil from the hair and makes it more dry. Which is hard to hide if you have long hair. Ive had short hair for a lot of my life and I always wind up growing them out because I hate haircuts. Washing your hair once a week can also help train your hair to make less oil in general, because  the more often you shampoo your hair the more oil your scalp makes to compensate for the dryness to keep the moisture in your hair. Also I love the smell of slightly dirty hair, all the hairspray and hair products have faded away and you just smell the hair.


3.) Waking up at 3AM and going for long walks around the house in the dark!  
I just think about stuff, reflect and wander around. This is a  great time for me as well, because Ive already done some sleeping so I'm quite fresh and my thoughts and ideas flow are very clear. It  also is a time I feel most spiritually connected. Sometimes I do full prayers and sometimes I just sit in my backyard, light a candle and talk to the Moon!  What's weird about, it is that i strongly believe that something wakes me up at that time on purpose.