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Everybody Loves Free Stuff

Nov 02 by Jordyn Bishop

So I was scrolling through my social media and came across a post by Starbucks, the post that caught my eye was about a holiday cup they were giving free with any holiday drink order. I love the word free, probably as much as other people. I got all excited and I went down to the Starbucks by my school and ordered the Peppermint Mocha, my new favourite drink honestly.

I got majorly disappointed when they handed me a regular cup and apologized because they only had about 50 cups and were actually out by 7 this morning. It’s not too big of a deal of course, but this whole ordeal got me thinking about how it was my birthday October 28th and I only took advantage of the ‘Free Birthday’ deals once! It also got me thinking, not a lot of people know the type of deals you can and can’t get. Because honestly, I knew about some of the deals but I didn’t know to acquire them or if I even qualified to get them.

So first off let's talk food and drink deals, those are the most interesting deals you can get (at least to me they are). So which deals can you get, without strings attached?

From what I know, so far (I’m not a genius), the only food deal you can actually get without any strings is at Boston Pizza or a Montana’s (if you can find one, the only one that I’ve seen in BC has been in Coquitlam. Tons in Sask.) these places I know they give a free dessert and Montana’s even sings to you and give you a hat whilst they sing to you. The hat is this ridiculous set of moose horns.

Ok, so I also heard you can also get a free burger and fries during the week of your birthday at Red Robin, seems like an a-okay deal. I think the only thing is you have to sign up, but honestly I’m sure they don’t care. Just bring your ID to prove it’s your birthday, as most places require.

With strings, you can get a free drink at Davids Tea. As long as you have an account/a card with them you get any drink, cold or hot, for free! I did not take advantage of that though unfortunately. Mostly because I had so much going on why would I think of that? Which is probably why they offer it, because no one really thinks of that stuff until their birthday is over.

Like with Menchies, they have an offer where they give you 5$ on your birthday for their products. Only issue is you need an account with them, which to my knowledge is close to impossible to get. Or at least I haven't figured it out yet. You can also stop at the Boathouse you can receive a 25$ gift card by joining the Westcoast Club, which is pretty decent for them being such an expensive place to eat. I hear you can also get a free drink from Starbucks, you have to sign up to their rewards program though. I was already signed up for that and didn’t get the offer. But, honestly I’m not too educated on the rules for that one so maybe you’ll be luckier. If you do get the offer, use it quick because it apparently expires the day after your birthday.

What I did indulge in for my birthday month though was a little glow skin care set that I got for free from Sephora, which you can only acquire if you are a member. Which, doesn’t cost. I didn’t really get much else for free on my birthday, apparently you get something from La Senza for your birthday, but that's another thing I didn’t know too much about. I am a member (that you do have to pay for) but there wasn’t any further information on that. Anyways, I’m not too sure what else is free for birthdays but if you have any others that I didn’t mention let me know!