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5 Simple Success Habits

Oct 16 by Leah Vander Meer-Huynh


I don’t know about you but I love going to sleep feeling accomplished. Lately though one moment I’m relaxed next second I’m stressed from the chaos of work, school, relationships,etc. I wanted to get control over my time so that I could enjoy my day and fall asleep stress free. These next points are the daily habits I developed that changed my life!

1. Read and Write Something Daily
Now understand I used to really struggle as a  writer and reading used to be very difficult because I had a hard time concentrating but I really wanted to improve my memory and knowledge. Everyday I read a self growth book for a minimum of 15 minutes. After I’ve finished my reading I write down 5 examples of how I could apply what I’ve learned to my daily life. I find doing this first thing in the morning prepares me for anything I’m exposed to during the day.

2. Exercise 5 Minutes 5 Times Daily
I want to get in shape as much as the next guy but sometimes the couch is just so inviting! So I challenged myself to start doing a small workout daily that got me out of the house and off my butt. I forced myself out of the house in any weather and walked around the block for 5 minutes 5 times a day, simple right? Once I did it I realized I could do it again and my body loved it. I felt more awake, more energetic, and happier which prepared me to take on the tasks of the day.

3. Priority List
Have you ever been working on something for hours and after you’re done you realized you worried for nothing? I was the exact same coming out of high school, until I learned to create a list of priorities from what would effect me most to what would effect me least. Having this structured list of what I had to do each day to refer to took the stress off of trying to remember everything on my own.

4. Budget Your Time
Lots of people live in the cycle of waking up, going to work, then going to sleep.If you’re not personally experiencing it you probably know someone who is. Start early in the morning and set aside time to freshen up, eat something you enjoy, and get yourself together. I budget my time generally in 15 minute increments on a piece of paper that I keep in my pocket or in my phone. Refer to it frequently throughout your day to see if you’re on track with it.

5. Reflect on Your Day
Go to bed early and wake up early, most often when I went to bed late I felt like I was rushing to remember things and get things done. So 15 minutes before bed, I reflect on what I did that day, what I ate, who I met, what I learned,and what I’m grateful for. I figure out one thing I want to improve on tomorrow so I’ll be a better me than who I was today.

I hope you enjoyed these daily habit tips and I would love to hear which ones you tried and which ones work for you! Remember one success daily is still a success, so challenge yourself to improve a little everyday